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The "Mane" event offering new & used horse products
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2017 Spring Seminars



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Ashley Tomaszweski

Ontario Competative Trail Riding Association

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Topic of Discussion


E. Anne Porteous EPC, MScN

Sierra Acres Equine Assisted Healing Product

· Equine Assisted Learning and Psychotherapy - What is it?
· Why horses?
· Types of programs; briefly include some research to support
· Case studies demonstrating how this work is done

Is your horse's feet balanced?
 How do you tell?

Wendy Wood Farrier Service

Marci Burgess,

Reiki Master Teacher

Reiki Energy Healing for Equines

Reiki is a gentle, powerful form of energy healing, and animals love it! It works on the mental, emotional and physical levels, and can help with injury, illness, behavioural issues and more.  Come learn some of the many ways that Reiki can help your horses (and ponies, donkeys and mules) live happier, healthier lives.

Lois Beecraft,

The Sidesaddle Lady
and other members of the Ontario Sidesaddle Association

A Brief Overview of
Riding Sidesaddle

Endurance 101:

Preparing for your first competitive distance event

Debra Moore
Trail Ride For
Breast Cancer

Trail Riding  
General rules & etiquette, safety, first aid, what you need out on trail, where to go trail riding etc.

Melissa Caccamo

Equi-SMART offers multiple quality services and products to the equine industry. Focusing on injury rehabilitation, reconditioning, and preventative maintenance, a combination of massage therapy services, as well as proper supplementation and detailed exercise programs, results are seen in horses ready to win in the ring and excel in their health. 

Melissa Caccamo has been working in the industry for over 8 years, working on horses of all different disciplines, levels of competition, and degrees of pain. Recognizing the need for solid resources in the industry for equine health that any rider can understand and benefit from, Melissa now instructs multiple Equi-Health Canada courses as well as custom seminars and workshops.

Attend a presentation to learn how biomechanics and physiology highly impact common injuries that horses have. Learn about injury and pain detection and how to decide the best massage program for your horse, as well as some of the impactful benefits of massage therapy. Ask questions specific about your horse's habits and issues, and learn how to begin and plan a reconditioning program!
The Stable.ca , is a fractional ownership
venture for Standardbred racehorses, launched
in 2015 by Anthony and Amy MacDonald of

The couple built this model as a bridge: a
way to welcome non-horse-people to racehorse
ownership with a very modest investment,
low-risk, and completely accessible and
transparent operations.

Investors in The Stable enjoy regular 2-way
communication,the standing invitation to visit their
horse at any time, and other innovative ways to
keep clients involved during their horse's training.

There are currently 60 horses and 200
racehorse owners in The Stable.
            Anthony MacDonald
              co-owner of The Stable